Monday morning blooms…

A lovely quiet Monday morning after a (finally!) hot weekend…June is beginning to bloom!

Early morning sprinkler
Deutzia covered in blooms, bees and butterflies!
Deutzia close-up
Argyrocytisus battandieri, the pineapple broom or Moroccan broom
Just one bloom so far!
You don’t think you can love Podophyllum ‘Spotty Dotty’ more until you glimpse a titch of red under the leaf and there’s a glorious flower, just waiting to be spied!!
Podophyllum ‘Spotty Dotty’ flower close-up
Rose plethora-ing!
Verbascum NoID…Caribbean Crush, Jackie, Helen Johnston??
Japanese iris

And foliage…

It wouldn’t be a shade garden if I didn’t share some magnificent foliage highlights as well…

Saxifraga ‘Jaws’
New Ichtyoselmis (syn. Dicentra) macrantha (Chinese Bleeding Heart) from Free Spirit Nursery still in the pot, with Beesia.
I really do love that Podophyllum ‘Spotty Dotty’!
Pulmonaria, lime Spirea behind and Annabelle Hydrangea just getting started. It’s the only one out of 7 that the deer haven’t managed to nip off the buds when I’m not looking. I despair for my dream of a river of hydrangeas flowing through the upper Garden. More drastic measures need to be taken. So…a better fence, a better dog (!), selective chicken wire…? The smell of Bobbex and Irish Spring soap is just not working with my vision!!
Beautiful foliage on the Hydrangea serrata ‘O-amacha Nishiki’. Luckily it’s a tiny little thing tucked between some bigger things and the deer haven’t found it….yet!!

Blooming today…

Since we got home from France it’s been downright chilly and damp here on the coast.  But the rain…a lot of rain actually….was welcomed in the garden. Sunshine and heat seem to be in our forecast…yay!

Japanese iris (?)
Climbing roses getting off to a great start
Peonies still looking strong….despite two days of deluge! GREAT plant stand!!!
Dryopteris koidzumania looking gorgeous with its new orange foliage. A happy find at Southlands in Vancouver.
Good old feverfew!
Deutzia just getting started, a real butterfly magnet.
Penstemon serrulatus (Coast Penstemon)
I moved this Rhodo in the spring to try to disguise the fence we can now see after the neighbour got happy with her clippers. It’s the last one to bloom…but it’s blooming and looking good as well as doing its duty!!

Vacation in May

We just got home from a wonderful 3 weeks in Southern France. While France was magnificent, I must confess I kept wondering about my garden back home.  Whatever inspired me to leave the garden in May….just when the Rhodos are at their best?  Would I totally miss the peonies??  Would all the newbies I’d rushed to plant before leaving survive the neglect???  So….just home June 6.  And no….I didn’t miss the peonies:

Just peeking out in the centre of the photo is the new plant stand I scored from Free Spirit Nursery in Langley. The perfect peony stand…it’s almost made the giant heads stand up in a row!! Very pleased with it.

And although I missed some Rhodos, some are still blooming:

And I THINK all my hastily planted newbies made it through…if only I could remember where I tucked all of them!!

And maybe I missed the first New Dawn rose…but I certainly caught the second or third…

Wider views of the garden

Too often I spend my time in the garden looking down, finding joy in the small details.  It’s time to step back and take a wider view of the garden!

East Garden….not as private as the back, so often neglected! Cherry tree blooming gracefully outside my bedroom window.
View into back garden from the east Garden….lined with rhododendrons to the east and south and columnar apple trees to the west, this ‘Secret Garden’ space is currently under construction!
Pond and u-u-p-p the slope
West path to Garden…Japanese maples, Cornus Florida ‘Cherokee Chief’, and the Westwood ravine with towering Thuja plicata, Acer macrophylla, Pseudotsuga menzensii and rhododendrons hugging the house.
A Fagus sylvatica purpurea, all copper in early leaf and sunlight towers over the Fernery.
Golden hour…late afternoon rays squeeze through the woods to highlight lime spirea, pulmonaria and ferns that line the path downward
Sky through pond
Pergola looking east through Japanese maples, Phyllostachus nigra and daylilies to ‘Secret Garden’
Standing in ‘Secret Garden’ looking west over the pond to the Westwood ravine beyond. Borrowed views!