18 degrees is wonderful!!

Lots of work accomplished in the garden today.  Sun is shining and warm.  Wonderful. I had this lovely companion in and out of different spaces all day:


What’s blooming this weekend

Camellia japonica ’Nuccio’s Pearl’…so close to blooming, but not quite!
Luzula sylvatica ‘Aurea’
First Rhodo…almost there!!
Pulmonaria ‘Roy Davidson’
Heath? Heather??
Pulmonaria ‘Sissinghurst White’
Brunnera macrophylla ‘Jack Frost’
Magnolia stellata and daffodils
Doronicum, Leopards Bane, coming!!

Hacquetia epipactis
Native Sedum spathulifolium
Clematis armandii

What’s blooming today

It’s been sunny the last week, but nippy….hovering around 8C. Buds are forming, but nothing is rushing into bloom.  Here’s a few early achievers!!

Bought 6 of these pretty primrose at the grocery store.
Daffodils coming. Hyacinth coming. Even the Phlox is coming!!
Borrowed view. Neighbour’s Forsythia peeking around our Cedar hedge
Skimmia ‘Marlot’

A little more winter walkout!

A few pix didn’t make it into the last post…

More hellebores!
Love this program…the hellstrips and traffic circles in this area are all under cultivation! Locals are caring for them!!
So many ‘hellstrips’ in Vancouver are now in cultivation…this extensive one is particularly lovely.
Gorgeous bark…prunus???
Vancouver finally has an amazing bike rental service!! Good to see that lots of the bikes were in use!!
Pretty front door detail!
Terrible photo, but this is the house we lived in 1984-88 at Yukon and 14th. Two awe-inspiring Araucaria araucana on the front lawn!!!

Winter Walkout … first week of March … Vancouver

I found myself in Vancouver for 10 days working with my son on some health issues…the joy of the time away was walking to and fro in the Main/Cambie/12th-21st corridor. Lots of plant action beginning:

Hellebores and more hellebores!
Photinia Red Robin started to leaf out in that glorious red!
Iris, even!
Heather…heath…??? Why do I never know the difference??
The day after I arrived n Vancouver we got a rare but heavy snow storm. When it does snow here the snow is wet and dense and saturated with salty air. Here’s what it did to these Bergenias that had just started to bloom. They should recover. Bergenias can be tough as nails!
Hellebores galore, daffodils coming!!
Dawn viburnum. Glorious scent!
A little Rhodo tucked away!
Such attention to detail!! How much time out of your life would this kind of maintenance entail??
Nandina berries
Must be spring!! First dandelion!!
A little blurry…but cherry blossoms!
Hellebores, ???, planted outside an elementary school. Lovely!
Camellia….almost ready to bloom…and then the snow/ cold of late February struck! Looks like these blooms still might make it!
Rhododendron in a tiny quiet warm microclimate Zone!! Blooming already!!

February blues

It’s been a beautiful couple of weeks with balmy, sunny weather. I got lots of clean up started in the garden. But, apparently, bitter cold is heading our way. We’ll see freezing for the next few days and then temps just hovering at 0. Sigh. Just when my hopes were soaring! So…let’s just celebrate the tiny little signs of spring that got my hopes up all week.

Omphalodes verna (creeping navelwort/forget-me-not or blue-eyed-Mary)
NoID Pumonaria (Rubra??) rescued from a Vancouver tear down.
NoID Erica??
Hacquetia epipactis