Here we go! Heading south for Feb! So exciting to leave the snow (!) behind!!!

We’re heading south for the whole month of February.  Stopping to visit friends in Portland, Oregon; spending a day or two in Carmel to wallow on the beach(es); surprised and deterred by mudslides on Hwy. 1 through Big Sur – so taking the inland route for the first time ever; visiting family in Thousand Oaks, LA, then heading east to Palm Springs where we’ve rented a mid-century modern house for a month!!  Oh look…we’re passing by the Huntington…time for a detour!  Looking forward to warm air, sunny skies, desert air and lots and lots of succulents….and plenty of hikes through the desert as well.

Taking the ferry over to the mainland always seems to say…here we go…vacation-time!
Sundial Bridge in Redding, CA.  Architect: Santiago Calatrava…we’ve seen his Twisted Torso in Sweden and the Galleria, Brookfield Place, Toronto. 


Mount Shasta, 14,000+ feet

Back to normal finally!!

We’re finally back to our usual 7 degree C weather again!  Still a few bits of snow under the copper beech and the pond is still frozen in the middle (we COULD have skated on it obviously!!). It’s looking like I lost my beloved Prostanthera rotundifolia (Australian mint bush) and a few Grevilleas are looking unhappy. I guess that’s what I get for pushing the zones.  😦

ALmost back to normal here!
Poor Prostanthera  rotundifolia. I’ll definitely find another one…it was glorious this summer.