Fall colour!

A damp, moody day…but the colours in the garden are singing.

Hydrangea paniculata…can’t decide which are more beautiful…the flowers or the leaves.

NoID Acer with the Anenome japonica ‘September Charm’ that has been blooming forever!
Layers….Cornus and Acer
Back garden wide view…
NoID Acer
NoID Acer from another angle
Miscanthus sinesis glowing…peach leaves to the left, Acer to the right.
NOID Acer….so bright!!
Darmera peltata


Whoa!  Mid-September already!?!?

Suddenly, the heat is gone, the air is cool, the days are shorter, the light is softer….September….welcome!!  What’s blooming?  At first glance…not so much. But close-up…a lot is still going on. 

Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’ just coming into its own.
Dahlias are not my favourite flower by a long shot…but a welcome blast of neon pink on a cooler, cloudier day!
Phlox are still blooming their little hearts out. Not a lot of heart left in this one…but a valiant swan song!
Ok, my Ontario garden was chock full of Rudbekias. I just can not get them to grow well here. This is just about it for this year’s display!!!
I love self seeding mulleins. Easy to yank…but I just love their uprightness!
Viburnum ‘Summer Snowflake’ on its third burst of blooming this year…so far!! No fall colour yet though.
Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’ thriving in the coolness.
Hmmmm….last of the ‘Stella d’oro’ daylilies???
Every other day I assume that’s the last ‘New Dawn’ rosa. But so far…there’s always been one more!!
Japanese anemome love the fall.
NoID fuschia
Verbena bonariensis still going strong. These self seeded after the winter from hell…so I’m confident I’ll get many more next summer.
A new self-seeded mullein. This one will bloom next year. It almost looks like a fuzzy echeveria in this snap.

Heather? Heath?? Sneaking in some fall blooms when I’m not looking!!
Planted this ‘Honorine Jobert’ anemome is the Spring. ONE bloom??? Really??!!
NOID rose. This one is in total shade up the slope, but it’s had 3 or 4 lovely little blooms this month!
I do like Japanese anemome….NoID on this one.
Now, the white climbing rose just may be finished for the season!
Fall and grasses…oh my! Miscanthus sinesis ‘Morning Light’

Whoops…here’s some blooms I missed posting in July…

Lilium ‘Lily Looks Tiny Icon’. Happy Mothers Day gift from Phoenix Perennials.
Love that daylily….Hemerocallis ‘Cleo’ with NoID friends
Lewisia just blooming its heart out…as always. It has bloomed right up to Christmas before!
Verbascum ‘Jackie’? ‘Southern Charm’???  The photo is pinker…the real blooms are peachier. 
Hemerocallis ‘Cleo’. Makes my heart sing.

What’s blooming today….

We’ve had a run of hot beautiful days. Things are a little dry, but everything’s starting to bloom.

Heuchera ‘Pewter Veil’
Rosa ‘New Dawn’
NoID white climbing rose
Tanacetum parthenium (Feverfew)
Hemerocallis ‘Cleo’
NoID daylily
Geranium “Rozanne’
Hypericum. Perforatum (St. John’s Wort)
Clematis chiionensis ‘Lemon Bells’
Lychnis coronaria (Rose Campion)

Garden Art

I’m not a huge fan of garden art, but I did see some that I loved on the Hardy Plant Study Weekend tours.

I managed to snap up these Fiddlesticks before the crowds arrived. Here they are, happily ensconced in my lavender. 
Loved this woman…simple, elegant.
I’m betting there are lights inside these. 
I loved these.  They were in several gardens. I’m looking for a source!
I love the detail on the border. 


Flourish…day 2 & 3


New day…renewed energy…1st off was the garden of Anne Mace in Saanich.  Fiddlestick Pottery was on site and doing a good business. Good thing I got there early and scored a lovely trio of fiddlesticks!  Loved this garden. There were some lovely shade spots…including a bed of Polystichum setiferum to die for.

Cornus kousa

Beautiful shade spots…note the allium!!

Now who knew that River Birch (Betula nigra ‘Heritage’)) would thrive here on the coast. This tree was a mainstay in my Ontario garden. I miss it terribly. Dare I try it here?  Now…yes!!

Now, the garden of Graham Smyth, with a peek-a-boo view of Cadboro Bay. Cadboro Bay is MY Beach. I spent my teen-age years just blocks from here. Who knew that gardening and microclimates existed at that point? I did overhear several fellow delegates commenting on this garden….”Hardy??  Really??”  Yes folks…welcome to Victoria.  We may be in Canada…but the microclimates on the sland can be absolutely incredible.   Here is Restio tetraphyllus…an Australian native.

more Podophyllum…very pale ‘Spotty Dotty”??
 Nope….Petasites palmatus….thanks Plants Ident!!

Agave…clearly made it through the island’s 2017 winter-from-hell.

Libertia peregrinans …. oh…need me some of these!!

Mukdenia rossii


Our native Holodiscus discolour, Ocean spray.

MY Cadboro Bay!

Unidentified…so glossy…so red…so gorgeous!!!

Ok…this one was in a greenhouse!

Dranunculus vulgaris. This was one of two of the tour.  PU!  What a smell!  But a lovely flower!  The next day we saw another one…but the smell was gone!  Hmmm….

Sunday….this was a beautiful garden belonging to Richard Mosselman in James Bay (downtown Victoria). Photos can’t do this garden justice. It was tiny. And voluptuous!  Privacy was the main goal of the garden…but the depth and breadth and richness of the plantings was divine.


Ok…this photo is my regret photo. I saw a lovely little Cornus alternifolia at Alba in the Market Place for $30. and debated…and debated…but eventually declined. Then…the next day…Cornus Alternifolias proceeded to haunt/taunt me. Arghhhh!!!!  Oops…where did that Cornus go??  This is actually a Styrax japonica in bloom. Lovely. Now the Cornus is getting all elusive on me ‘cuz I didn’t buy it!!!  Anyway…..moving on. 

Araucaria araucana…monkey puzzle tree.  This is a HUGE tree eventually, but lovely tucked into a woodland garden.  For now!

Now I know why I just bought a little piece of this. Hacquetia epipactis. 

This particular bed is a little formal for me…but this garden belonging to Lily Maxwell was amazing. Given that the surrounding properties were built on pure rock…this fertile lush garden space was inspiring.

Eryngium ‘Blue Jackpot’?

The next day… a NOT smelly Dranunculus vulgaris. Past its smell prime!!

Lovely garden

What’s this orchid. We saw it a few times on the tour….???

Beautiful Cedrus atlantica ‘Glauca Pendula’

OMG…done!!  An amazing weekend.  Very, very tiring. Overstimulating. So happy to be home, sweet home!!!